Fluoroscopy is an important tool to facilitate hip arthroscopy, from initial joint access to real time assessment of bony decompression. Surgeons typically underestimate the amount of radiation exposure during fluoroscopic-guided hip arthroscopy.

The medical records were reviewed of 100 patients who underwent hip arthroscopy for labral injuries and FAI between January 2010 and January 2011 after IRB approval was granted.  The two senior surgeons both averaged greater than 150 hip arthroscopic procedures per year. Fluoroscopic time was obtained from the fluoroscope as the measurement of radiation exposure.  The mean total fluoroscopy time was 57.19 ±11.3 seconds/hip arthroscopy. The mean of fluoroscopic image shots in each procedure was 66.1± 12.0.

Understanding the amount of fluoroscopy used in hip arthroscopy will allow hip arthroscopists to better limit the amount of radiation exposure to themselves, the OR staff and to patients. Education about the risks of radiation is an important step in training hip arthroscopists.
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This article first appeared in Journal of Athletic Medicine Vol. 1, No. 1, 2013 June