Dr. Wolff is committed to helping you with your orthopaedic problem and is happy and willing to work with all patients to minimize financial burdens. Please read below for our office insurance policy. Should you have any questions or concerns after reading this, please contact Dr. Wolff’s Medical Assistant, Catherine, drwolff.ma@wosm.com; 202-787-5601 extension 616.

Please Note: Dr. Wolff is not accepting hip injury patients with TRICARE insurance because of TRICARE’s coverage policies.

Billing and Insurance

Dr. Wolff is part of the Washington Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Practice which does not participate with private insurance plans. Often, our non-participation in private insurance is incorrectly simplified as meaning, “WOSM doesn’t take my insurance.” What non-participation actually means is that WOSM does not allow insurance companies to arbitrarily set coverage and payment for our services, and we do not necessarily accept their reimbursement as payment in full. However, Dr. Wolff’s main priority is to care for patients with hip problems. His goal is to do this while minimizing your out of pocket expense while also being fairly compensated. It is unusual for patients to not be able to see and have surgery (if necessary) with Dr. Wolff.

Surgical Billing

We understand that all medical bills—especially surgical bills–can be daunting. One of our goals is to have you understand and be comfortable with this part of your care. We will not typically collect money prior to surgery, but want you to understand how the process works after we submit your surgical bill to your insurance company. Be