Personalized, Practical Treatment

Surgery as a Last Resort

Over the past decade, our understanding of and ability to treat non-arthritic hip problems has grown exponentially. With the advent of advanced arthroscopic technology and techniques, we have been able to return people to their sports and lives in ways we couldn’t have imagined in years past. Additionally, we have developed a much clearer understanding of what the pain generators are in and around the hip.

Surgery should be the last resort. The human body has a tremendous capacity to heal itself or to make accommodations so that it can continue to function. When that is not the case, our goal as surgeons ought to be to restore the body and its anatomy to its most natural functional state. As most labral tears are caused by an abnormality of the bone and/or the soft tissue, it is important to not only address the labral tear, but also that which likely led it to tear. To read and learn more about the etiology of these athletic hip injuries, please click here.

Preservation Over Replacement

For almost every condition of the hip besides arthritis, surgical treatment can be very successful at preserving the hip. Most of these conditions can be treated arthroscopically as an outpatient through two or three incisions on the side of your hip. However, if you do have arthritis, hip replacement is a very successful procedure (and the only surgical treatment) to address this. Please click here for more information and a better understanding of why hip arthroscopy is not a viable treatment option for a diagnosis of hip arthritis.