Labral Repair Vs. Reconstruction: What you need to know


“What happens if Dr. Wolff gets in there and finds out that my labrum is more torn than we thought? Will he still fix it?” This question is probably the number one question we are asked in the office during initial surgical consultation. In many fields of orthopaedics, surgery can

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Avid tri-athlete returns to competition after years of hip pain


Liana M.

I have been an avid triathlete and runner since high school. I ran track and cross-country in both high school and college and completed in three half Ironmans before the age of twenty. However, my last year of college, I began experiencing severe hip pain that

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Hip Labral Reconstruction


Last month I gave a talk titled Hip Labral Reconstruction at UT Houston’s 59th Annual Edward T. Smith Orthopaedic Lectureship.  I outlined the history of, rationale for and evidence behind arthroscopic hip labral reconstruction. I showed a technique that I created and reviewed the results I have had with it.

Before delving

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Arthritis and Hip Arthroscopy


In my practice, we get a lot of questions about arthritis and hip arthroscopy.  Although arthritis is very common, it’s not really that well understood. The term “arthritis” refers to joint pain or joint disease, and there are more than 100 types of arthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most common type,

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Fluoroscopy in Hip Arthroscopy


Fluoroscopy is an important tool to facilitate hip arthroscopy, from initial joint access to real time assessment of bony decompression. Surgeons typically underestimate the amount of radiation exposure during fluoroscopic-guided hip arthroscopy.

The medical records were reviewed of 100 patients who underwent hip arthroscopy for labral injuries and FAI between January 2010 and January

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