Dr. Wolff is dedicated to expanding our knowledge of the hip through research. He has several ongoing research projects. If you would like more information about his work, please fill in and submit the form below.  Thank you.

Ongoing Projects

Multi-Center Arthroscopic Surgery of the Hip (MASH) Study Group 

Vice-President of a multi-center group of hip preservation surgeons from across the jointly collecting data, running trials and reporting research. Please click here to view the group’s website and learn more!

HOP Test Multi-Center Validation Study  

This study is a multi-center collaboration to validate a return to sport physical therapy test for high-level athletes developed at the University of Rochester for patients who have undergone arthroscopic hip surgery.

Labral Reconstruction Studies

Dr. Wolff is considered a pioneer in this field. He has among the largest series of labral reconstructions performed in the world. He is actively studying his clinical results as well as performing biomechanical studies as to the effect of labral reconstruction.

Published Projects

Andrew Wolff, MD - labrarecon

John P Scanaliato, MD, Daniel L Christensen, MD, Catherine Salfiti, BS, Mackenzie Herzog, MPH, Andrew Wolff, MD. Primary Circumferential Labral Reconstruction: Achieving Outcomes Similar to Primary Labral Repair Despite More Challenging Patient Characteristics. Am J Sports Med. In press. Please click here to read the publication.

Andrew Wolff, MD

Salvo JP, Nho SJ, Wolff AB, Christoforetti JJ, Van Thiel GS, Ellis TJ, Matsuda DK, Kivlan BR, Chaudhry ZS, and Carreira DS. “Sex-Dependent Differences in Preoperative, Radiographic, and Intraoperative Characteristics of Patients Undergoing Hip Arthroscopy: Results From the Multicenter Arthroscopic Study of the Hip Group” Arthroscopy. 34(3): 844-52 2018 March. Please click here to read the publication.

Andrew Wolff, MD

Matsuda DK, Wolff AB, Shane NJ, Salvo JP, Christoforetti JJ, Kivlan BR, Ellis TJ, Carreira DS. “Hip Dysplasia: Prevalence, Associated Findings, and Procedures From Large Multicenter Arthroscopy Study Group”. Arthroscopy. 34(2):444-53 2018 Feb. Please click here to read the publication.

Malloy P. Gray K. Wolff AB. “Rehabilitation After Hip Arthroscopy”. 2016 May. Please click here to read full text.

Flow chart outlining Dr. Wolff's management of acetabular labral tears.

Wolff AB. Grossman J. “Management of the Acetabular Labrum”. 2016 April. Please click here to read full text.

Dr. Wolff, sports medicine publication.

Wolff AB. Mantell M. “Arthroscopic Management of the Labrum: Debridement, Repair, and Stitch Configurations” Chapter 11 with accompanying video in The Hip: Arthroscopy Association of North America Advanced Arthroscopic Surgical Techniques. In Press.

Image showing location of needle placement for fascia iliaca nerve block used in hip arthroscopy with Dr. Andrew Wolff.

Wolff AB.  Hogan G. Capon J. Napoli A. Smith H. Gaspar P. “Preoperative Lumbar Plexus Block Provided Superior Post-Operative Analgesia when compared with Fasicia Iliaca Block or General Anesthesia Alone in Hip Arthroscopy.” American Journal of Sports Medicine. Submitted.

Dr. Wolff Published Research on hip preservation for femoroacetabular impingement.

Philippon MJ. Wolff AB. Briggs KK. Kuppersmith DA. Zehms CT. Hay C. “Correlation of pre- and post-operative center-edge angles with the extent of acetabular rim resection.” Arthroscopy. 25(6):756-61 2010 Jun. Please click here to read published article. 

Image of dislocated hip and professional athlete apart of a study by Dr. Andrew Wolff to determine outcome of hip arthroscopy as repair following dislocation.

Philippon MJ, Kuppersmith DA, Wolff AB, Briggs KK. “Arthroscopic findings following traumatic hip dislocation in 14 professional athletes.” Arthroscopy. 25(2):169-74 2009 Feb. Please click here to read published article. 

Picture of MRI comparison for the evaluation of meniscal tears, a study by Dr. Andrew Wolff and colleagues.

Wolff AB. Pesce LL. Wu JS. Smart LR. Medvecky MJ. Haims AH. “Comparison of spin echo T1 weighted sequences versus fast spin echo proton density weighted sequences for evaluation of meniscal tears at 1.5 tesla” Skeletal Radiology.  38(1):21-9; 2009 Jan. Please click here to read published article. 

Kokoska ER. Smith GS. Wolff AB. Deshpande Y. Miller TA. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs attenuate epidermal growth factor-induced proliferation independent of prostaglandin synthesis inhibition” Journal of Surgical Research 84(2):186-92, 1999 Jun.

Kokoska ER. Smith GS. Deshpande Y. Wolff AB. Rieckenberg CL. Miller TA. “Calcium accentuates injury induced by ethanol in human gastric cells” Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery 3(3):308-18, 1999 May-Jun.

Kokoska ER. Smith GS. Deshpande Y. Wolff AB. Miller TA. “Indomethacin increases susceptibility to injury in human gastric cells independent of PG synthesis inhibition” American Journal of Physiology. 275(4 Pt 1):G620-8, 1998 Oct.

If you have questions about Dr. Wolff’s research, or if you are a participant in one of his studies and would like to contact his research assistant, please complete the form below.