Dr. Carlo Contoreggi

I was riding my new tri/road bike for the third time on Thanksgiving Friday, 2012, and trying to avoid a compatriot rider who was avoiding a road hazard, I pivoted my left hip with considerable force tearing my left labrum.  I didn’t walk without pain for the next seven months.  As an avid athlete, the following months were full of anxiety and uncertainty.

Evaluations through the military health system (I’m active duty uniformed services) were beyond pointless as they couldn’t make what was a rather straightforward diagnosis.  After seven weeks on crutches, a radiologist colleague ordered a hip MRI which showed the large labral tear.  With that diagnosis, Walter Reed was able to offer a surgical repair by a military orthopedist (with minimal past experience) four months later. While I waited to have surgery I was unsure of my future, not only of walking without pain but for any athletic pursuits.

At my first visit with Andy Wolff, he assured me that the procedure would not be complicated and nearly always resulted with a full recovery.  Surgery was performed in March 2013; the tear was repaired and a boney revision was also performed due to a congenital anomaly which increased my susceptibility to these tears.

Nearly three months on crutches and rehabilitation restored me to full mobility and the go-ahead to start training for my second half-ironman 70.3-mile competition.  Fifteen months post-surgery and nearly 18 months after the original accident, I was at my previous level of performance with few restrictions and no long-term complications.

I am very grateful to Andy Wolff and his ability not only to fix the tear and bony problem but to give me the reassurance that I could regain  function and the ability to athletically compete in something I have great passion for.  Thank you!