Liana M.

I have been an avid triathlete and runner since high school. I ran track and cross-country in both high school and college and completed in three half Ironmans before the age of twenty. However, my last year of college, I began experiencing severe hip pain that was debilitating and disheartening. At 23, I was looking at a future without running and the many outdoor activities that bring joy and friendships into my life. Nine months ago, Dr. Wolff performed arthroscopic surgery on me to repair several labral tears caused by FAI. Today, I ran my first race in over a year and half, pain-free! Having a successful outcome from hip surgery has improved my quality of life more than anything else I have ever experienced. Words cannot express my gratitude. Dr. Wolff is very knowledgeable, patient, and provides excellent hip rehabilitation guidelines to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. Dr. Wolff took the time to explain the circumstances of my surgery and discuss my goals for rehabilitation and returning to my previous level of activity. The decision to get surgery is never an easy one, but rest assured, you will be in good hands with this surgeon.