Here are the five most important things to know when having hip arthroscopy.

1. PT is vital to recovery from a hip arthroscopy surgery

Rest is very important when recovering from a hip arthroscopy. Knowing what you can and cannot do is vital when going to PT while performing certain exercises. Use the exercises given as a guideline. Adjust within given guidelines and precautions as needed. Do not feel that it is required to do every exercise given. If you feel pain- STOP. Less is more in these types of situations, and going to the extent of pain will result in longer recovery time and possibly another injury or even re-injury. The ultimate goal of physical therapy is to get rid of pain and inflammation, protect integrity of repaired tissue; restore range of motion (ROM) within restriction, and prevention of muscular inhibition.

2. What can I do to speed up my recovery?

Nothing. Time heals everything, and in this case time is the answer to recovery! There is nothing specific that can make this process go faster. However, being patient will lead to an overall better outcome with the quickest recovery time as it will help to avoid setbacks. Setbacks in recovery is the single most common reason for a longer than expected recovery. How do you avoid setbacks? Take it easy, give your body time to heal and do NOT push yourself until your doctor clears you to do so. Everyone recovers at a different pace so being patient is key.

3. Recovery is a rollercoaster — DON’T PANIC!

You can never predict what you will feel each day after a hip arthroscopy. One day you will have little to no pain, where the next day the pain you exp