Michael Perry

Future collegiate football player smiling after successful hip arthroscopy with Dr. Andrew Wolff for labral repair and correction of femoroacetabular impingement.


During my sophomore football season at Gilman High School, I developed pain in both of my hip joints. After months of consulting with various athletic trainers, doctors, and orthopedists to no avail, I was finally introduced to Dr. Wolff. Dr. Wolff was able to instantly diagnosed my hip pain as both cam and pincer hip impingements resulting in labral tears.

Patient playing football after surgery with Dr. Andrew Wolff for labral repair and FAI correction.

I needed to have multiple surgeries, but Dr. Wolff made certain that I understood what was happening and how to handle it. With a thorough and exhaustive prehab and rehab schedule, I was able to return to playing football by my junior season. Most incredible was Dr. Wolff’s genuine concern for me and my well being, as he was always available to talk about my recovery via telephone and appointment. His plan of care is second to none.

I am glad to say that because of Dr. Wolff I made a full recovery and am going on to play collegiate football at the University of Chicago.

Patient signing division one football letter of intent after successful hip arthroscopy with Dr. Andrew Wolff.