Dr. Wolff and the partners at Washington Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine are committed to patient safety and taking all precautionary measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please read our most updated patient practice policies and updates.

Appointment availability

Dr. Wolff is continuing to see patients at all three of our office locations at a slightly reduced capacity/schedule. We are also offering TeleHealth appointments.

Telehealth Appointments

TeleHealth appointments can be done through a variety of widely accessible platforms and are scheduled just as a regular appointment would be scheduled. To make an appointment of any kind, send an email to DrWolff.MA@WOSM.com or give us a call at 202-787-5601 ext 616.

COVID Screening for appointments and precautionary measures

All patients are screened for COVID-19 the day before their appointment and during patient registration.

Our office is only allowing guests for patients under the age of 18 or for those that require assistance immediately after surgery.

All patients are asked to sit within 6 feet of each other and wear masks in the waiting room and their appointment.

We ask that if you are feeling unwell or displaying any symptoms of COVID-19 to remain home and switch your appointment to a TeleHealth appointment.

All staff are required to wear masks, wash hands frequently, remain socially distanced in common areas and remain home and self-isolate if sick.


Dr. Wolff is performing surgery at our free-standing ambulatory surgery centers.

Surgery COVID-19 Testing

We are requiring all patients to be COVID-19 tested 3-5 days prior to surgery and to self-isolate prior. Due to precautionary measures, patient chaperones and family are required to wait outside of the facility and will be notified by surgery center staff when patients are ready for discharge and pick up. All staff are required to wear the appropriate PPE as required by the CDC.

All COVID-19 screening is coordinated for patients with our staff or with one of our participating surgery centers.

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